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Contrathèque | Current account agreement

Do you want to include a current account agreement in your company? Discover our contract library and the current account agreement model automated by Legal Pilot!

What is a current account agreement?

The current account agreement is a very common contract in the life of a company whereby a partner of a company will lend money to the company of which he is a shareholder. 

What is at stake in a current account agreement?

The editors ofa current account agreement  is extremely beneficial for both the company and the partner. 

Indeed, for the company, this allows it to have recourse to a lender without having to take any particular steps with the banks. In addition, this loan may have an interest rate negotiated between the company and its partner and may therefore be more advantageous than a bank loan. As far as the tax system is concerned, this interest rate is a potential deductible expense for the company, at a maximum rate of 1.78%.  

The partner, on the other hand, benefits from a claim against the company, allowing him not only to receive the negotiated interest but also to strengthen his position within the company.  

Composition of the model

This model has been automated by Legal Pilot to save you valuable time in drafting your current account agreement.

Automation with Legal Pilot

This model has been automated on the Legal Pilot platform. You can thus modify the framework of the agreement, add or remove certain clauses or questions, etc.

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