Simplify the
management of your contracts and HR procedures

Automate the recurring HR documents to focus on legal analysis and monitoring and to strengthen the quality of life at work of your employees

"Thanks to Legal Pilot, we have been able to make the contractualization of our contracts more intuitive with a simplified process and a legal autonomy for our users, while ensuring the criteria of security. Our lawyers are now only solicited for the tasks with strong added value".

Maître Christophe Guénard - Avocat, Associé

Thomas Bilourou - Lawyer


Guarantee the compliance of your HR operations

Produce your own documentation independently (contract, addendum, PV, agreementsetc.) in compliance with the legislation (law, collective agreement, company agreementsetc.)

  • Intelligent, dynamic and collaborative online questionnaires
  • Library of personalised contracts (permanent, fixed-term, work-study contracts, redundancy procedures, etc.) in self-service
  • Coming soon: automated alerts when there is a legislative change to a legal text cited in your template
Formulaire base de données

Generate your employment contracts in a few clicks from your "Employee" database

Synchronise your ERP with Legal Pilot or build it directly in our application for up-to-date and consistent data. Manage all your HR operations and sign from the platform.

  • Fully customisable database
  • Native electronic signature (integration via API possible)

Centralize all your contracts

Don't waste a minute looking for your contracts and the important information they contain

  • Contract Library - EDM
  • Search engine and advanced filter system
factory modèles de documents intelligents

Offer a collaborative HR experience to your employees

Negotiate your documentation securely and say goodbye to back and forth emails for a smooth start (or departure)

  • Single platform centralising all activity and exchanges
  • Versioning and automatic markups of contracts

Don't miss any more deadlines, control your deadlines, avoid procedural defects and litigation

Reduce your mental workload, follow the progress of HR procedures in progress in your company (renewal of trial periods, dismissal procedures, etc.)

  • Tasks and alerts
  • Automatic email and in-app notifications
  • Automatic calculations (notice periods, indemnities, etc.)
documents automatisation

Gain visibility with intelligent analysis of your activity for better compliance with your obligations

Monitor HR activity, consult your payroll by type of contract, remuneration, professional status, geographical area, secondary establishment, etc., in order to find in your contracts all the data necessary for the establishment of your Economic and Social Data Base (ESDB)

  • Reports & Charts
  • CSV export

Ensure the confidentiality of your HR documentation

Set the terms and conditions for accessing, consulting and using the platform and make sure that the right people (members of the Social and Economic Committee, trade union delegates, 'ordinary' employees) have the appropriate rights to the right documents

  • Team system
  • Granular setting of access and sharing rights

Legal Pilot allows your Human Resources teams collaborate easily with the rest of the company in an all-in-one, confidential and collaborative tool, in order to improve the quality of life at work of your employees and to secure their knowledge and skills.

And much more ...


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