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Make the most of the data contained in and around your contracts without intervention from your IT team

"Thanks to Legal Pilot, we have been able to make the contractualization of our contracts more intuitive with a simplified process and a legal autonomy for our users, while ensuring the criteria of security. Our lawyers are now only solicited for the tasks with strong added value".

Maître Christophe Guénard - Avocat, Associé

Thomas Bilourou - Lawyer


Automatic creation
of your reports

Delegate to the platform the task of collect, store and organise the data from the questionnaires in an intelligible way. document generation

  • Find the usage data of each user
  • View your data by project type or contract type
  • Export results for external sharing

For all those who still spend hours manually filling in an Excel table with the data contained in their contracts! And for those who have to keep it up to date on a daily basis


Customize views of activities made to measure

Designing table or graph views on recurring data you wish to explore

  • Get granular views with a granular filter system
  • Cross-reference data from your different contracts for detailed activity reports
  • Save your filters so you never have to do the same search twice

And much more ...

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