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Don't have time to automate your documents by yourself, or to manage a document automation project within your organization?
Our legal engineers, automation experts, can create and roll out your models in only few weeks.
Legal Pilot est une solution conforme au RGPD

GDPR Compliant

Legal Pilot is a privacy by design software, assuring you to meet your GDPR obligations. We do not carry out any processing or transfer outside the EU.

Drapeau français

French Touch

All your data is processed and hosted in France. Our technology is 100% proprietary which guarantees you effective protection against the cloud act.

legal pilot automatisation document fait partie de l'incubateur du barreau des avocats de lyon

Legaltech Lawyers

Solution created and developed by legal professionals, experts in legal drafting, just like you.

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Excl Tax / per month / per user
From 299€
Excl Tax / per month / per user
A model allow you to generate a single or multiple documents automatically with one questionnaire
User access
Model can be created and modified by a licence user.
1On quotation
Guest user
Documents made from questionnaire can be generated by guest users
A document is counted each time a model is used
1000 / yearOn quotation
Knowledge base acess
The knowledge base include all ressources you need to turnkey the software (videos, training support, etc.)
This feature allow you to custom your workspace easily and rapidly (logos, illustrations).
Live trainings cans be collective or individual, and 100% online (sharing screen).
Customer success
Customer success is a legal expert support dedicated only to your project follow up
Need help ? Experts are at your disposal. Free technical support (bug/dysfunction)
API Access
Our API RESTful allow you to integrate Legal Pilot to all you cloud solution
Questionnaires can feed your internal database, which allows you to create and synchronize reusable forms in your future documents
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your data is stored in a secure directory on our central server, located in Roubaix, which is hosted by the company OVH.

Daily backups are performed. We use the most recent and relevant technical standards and programming languages to ensure you have the best possible experience and security.

Legal Pilot software was created and developed by expert legal drafting lawyers. Its handling is very simple and can be done either:

  • independently,with our knowledge base, which contains training materials and video tutorials; or
  • through training provided by our experts. A training of around 2 hours is generally sufficient to be independent on the creation of models.

It depends on both the level of expertise of the user and the complexity of the content to be automated.

It takes one to two hours for a simple document (ten pages / twenty questions).

Of course! Your Legal Pilot subscription give you access to all the models offered in our contract library, from which you can freely draw inspiration or start again to create your own "in-house" models.

Legal Pilot software allow you to automate every type of document, regardless of the language or the subject of the work.

For exemple, our clients use Legal Pilot in subjects as varied as contract law, company law, taxation, labor law and even litigation.