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Simply guide your employees through the drafting of contracts or complex and tailor-made legal arrangements

"Thanks to Legal Pilot, we have been able to make the contractualization of our contracts more intuitive with a simplified process and a legal autonomy for our users, while ensuring the criteria of security. Our lawyers are now only solicited for the tasks with strong added value".

Maître Christophe Guénard - Avocat, Associé

Thomas Bilourou - Lawyer


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Offer moreautonomy
to your operational staff

Provide your operational staff with a automated model library without writing a single line of code:
  • Accompany operational staff in an educational way with accessible intelligent questionnaires, adjustable according to the context, all from a web link
  • Simplify your colleagues' work with accelerated generation from your database Legal Pilot or a CRM and avoid copy and paste
  • Work collaboratively: complete the questionnaire together, benefit from automated internal validation procedures, and centralise all your team's documents in a single space
questionnaire intelligent pour rédiger vos contrats
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More freedom
More security

Don't share your Word templates anymore but intelligent, collaborative online questionnaires based on your expertise and business rules

  • No omissions, no errors: the contract can only be modified on the basis of the answers to the questionnaire, the operator is guided and all his answers are recorded in real time
  • Verify the application of certain criteria and collect evidence: with Legal Pilot questionnaires, you can even automate interviews and audits
  • Eliminate administrative filing tasks with automatic storage of the generated document

Face theincrease

"More contracts to be drafted" should no longer mean "more work for the legal profession":

  • Harmonise and capitalise on your legal expertise
  • Delegate the drafting of classic contracts to operational staff thanks to your Legal Pilot model
  • Save all relevant data (parties, contract details...) in a database to facilitate their re-use and avoid double entries
Formulaire base de données

And much more ...


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