Get theapproval of your partner or co-contractor more simply

Reduce the back and forth and administrative work associated with negotiations by bringing together all the parties in teams around a single source of truth, without losing any trace of the exchanges

"Thanks to Legal Pilot, we have been able to make the contractualization of our contracts more intuitive with a simplified process and a legal autonomy for our users, while ensuring the criteria of security. Our lawyers are now only solicited for the tasks with strong added value".

Maître Christophe Guénard - Avocat, Associé

Thomas Bilourou - Lawyer


Negotiate your contracts on a single platform

Eliminate the back and forth by e-mail and the multiplication of versions on several computers : negotiate your contracts without leaving your web browser instead of juggling several tools.

  • Centralise exchanges and documents by bringing all stakeholders together in a single online space
  • Easily collaborate with teammates, partners, co-contractors, external legal advisors and see at a glance the entire history of exchanges and changes
  • Share securely internally with private comments

Stay in control
and visibility

Stay in control of the strategic negotiations

  • Easily track ongoing negotiations with a dedicated dashboard of pending and negotiated deals
  • No more versioning overload: find all the suggested changes in an easy-to-read view, without visual pollution on your document
  • Keep control of the rights of each stakeholder

Become the reference in terms of negotiation strategy in your company

Take a step back and analyse the course of your negotiations

  • Reduce the number of future return visits for the same type of file thanks to the post-negotiation analysis of friction points
  • Update your templates directly from the negotiation interface with new drafting proposals validated by the legal team
  • Keep contract data up to date automatically, even after 300 changes

And much more ...


Automated drafting



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