Document automation software

Save time when writing and sharing your recurring documents.

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Automate your recurring documents and capitalize on your know-how

Turn your Word templates into dynamic models, develop your own clause library and generate all your documents in just a few minutes.

Collaborate effectively with your team, clients and partners

Collect the relevant information internally or externally via online forms, allowing you to automatically generate customized documents, in minutes. 


Improve the follow-up of your documents, from first drafts to signed versions

Get a clearer view of documents lifecycle thanks to automated approval workflows, simplify your processes and eliminate the risk of errors.


What can document automation bring you ?

Save time

Reduce the time needed to draft, update and finalize recurring documents by up to 80%.


Focus on high added-value tasks by getting rid of repetitive administrative duties.


Improve the management of legal and operational risks by centralizing requests and harmonizing contents.

Legal Pilot

Law Firms

Un logiciel d’automatisation pensé et conçu par des avocats pour des avocats afin de vous accompagner au mieux dans la transformation digitale de votre cabinet.

Un logiciel d’automatisation permettant à votre équipe de suivre efficacement vos documents de leur rédaction à leur signature.

Legal Pilot


Legal Pilot


Professional organisations, unions, associations... Simplify the sharing of structured information with your members through an innovative online service.

L’arme absolue des juristes au service des cabinets d’experts comptables ! Economisez jusqu’à 90% de votre temps de production documentaire

Legal Pilot

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