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"Thanks to Legal Pilot, we have been able to make the contractualization of our contracts more intuitive with a simplified process and a legal autonomy for our users, while ensuring the criteria of security. Our lawyers are now only solicited for the tasks with strong added value".

Maître Christophe Guénard - Avocat, Associé

Thomas Bilourou - Lawyer


factory modèles de documents intelligents

Create your library of
entirely online!

Thanks to the new no-code contract editor of Legal Pilot, model any legal document without technical competence.

  • Build dynamic, customised templates for your business based on your in-house content
  • Distribute these templates securely to operational staff and configure access rights
  • No matter how complex, what language you work in or what the subject is!
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your Word frames

Import your standard documents in Word format in three clicks: our unique algorithm does the work for you

  • Identification of variables (dynamic fields that will be replaced by the questionnaire responses)
  • Automatic creation of questions and decision tree, according to the logical constraints of your document
  • Don't spend 6 months deploying a new solution in your company: it has never been so fast to digitise your models

legal operations

Automate not just a single document, but an operation or a legal project in its entirety

  • Write all project documentation simultaneously with Legal Pilot's multi-frame templates
  • Confidently deal with the complexity and diversity of cases with our advanced conditioning system and dynamic calculation formulas
  • Ignore uncertainties and unknowns with duplication, a feature that allows a group of targeted questions to be repeated as many times as the situation requires
éditeur de modèle factory legal pilot

Control access
à your models

Don't give access to the model itself, just share an online questionnaire

  • Secure your legal content by keeping your templates intact
  • Set up a share for a person, a team or the whole company
  • Make all updates easily without impacting the work in progress of the operational staff with the versioning of the models

Each user will only see the shared models as well as the documents generated by the teams to which it belongs, so as not to overload the users' view and to allow each one to focus on the essentials.

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