Legal software, Automate the drafting of recurring matters

No more tedious copy-pasting, multiple consistency proofreading and endless searching for typos in your documents. Discover a new way of writing with Legal Pilot !

prix de l'innovation des avocats pour legal pilot legaltech francaise dans l'automatisation de document
Winner of the 2018 Customer Relationship Innovation Award (Jury's Award and Public's Award)
legal pilot automatisation document fait partie de l'incubateur du barreau des avocats de lyon
Startup of lawyers supported by the Lyon Bar Incubator
le conseil national des barreaux soutient legal pilot automatisation document
Initiative supported by the Legaltech working group of the CNB (French National Bar Association)

A legal software designed and developed by lawyers experts in legal drafting, just like you.


With Legal Pilot, save up to 80% on drafting of recurring documents, even complex ones.

Transform Word-based documents into dynamics models, to generate documents in only minutes with a simple questionnaire. 

Become more accessible

Your customers and employees can answer questionnaires using a simple sharing link, sent by email or accessible by clicking on your site.

Admin access allows you to view automatically generated documents, check answers, amend them and view advanced statistics.

Capitalize your know-how

I've already done this for another client… But which one ?

Thanks to Legal Pilot models, create your own decision trees in order to keep track of your reasoning and your arbitrations. 

Share your clauses and models within the firm to facilitate updating and reuse.

They trust us