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Contrathèque | AGOA SARL

Do you want to draw up the Ordinary General Meeting of your limited liability company? Discover our contract software and the AGOA model automated by Legal Pilot 

What is AGOA?

Every year, AGOA (or Annual General Meeting) allows the partners to approve the accounts for the past financial year and to decide on the allocation of the results.


The challenges of the AGOA of LLCs

The approval of the accounts is only done through theOrdinary General Assembly which must take place no later than 6 months after the end of the financial year, the duration of which is 12 months.

The manager must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at least fifteen days before the date set for theOrdinary General Assembly.

At this meeting, the partners decide on :

  • the approval, rejection or adjustment of accounts
  • the possible distribution of dividends and the modalities for their payment

In the SARL, l'AGOA allows to give discharge to the manager for the accomplishment of his management mandate, to ratify the agreements made between the company and the manager or a partner.

Following theAGOAIf the accounts are approved, the manager of the limited liability company has one month to file them with the clerk of the commercial court. If the accounts are rejected, the manager will have the same period to file a copy of the deliberation refusing to approve the accounts instead.

The following must be filed:

  • the annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes) 
  • the management report
  • the proposed allocation of the result submitted to the meeting
  • the resolution voted on the allocation of the result
  • the auditor's report, if any
  • where applicable, the consolidated accounts and the group management report.


Composition of the model

This model has been automated by Legal Pilot to save you valuable time in drafting your AGOA and related documents. It includes all of the following documents:

  • Minutes of the General Assembly
  • Convocation of the partners
  • Special report
  • Mail to the Registry
  • Privacy statement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Postal voting form
  • Attendance sheet
  • Annex - resumption of commitments


Automation with Legal Pilot

The model presented to you has been automated on the Legal Pilot platform. You can thus modify the framework of the documents, add or remove certain options or questions, modify the wording, etc.

For download this templateIf you are a member of a professional association, log in to your personal space by clicking on the "Import a template" button in the "templates" tab.


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