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Contrathèque | Fixed-term contract - Part-time

Are you an employer who wants to hire a fixed-term, part-time employee? Find out about the contract library and the fixed-term contract template automated by Legal Pilot!

What is a part-time fixed-term contract?

A fixed-term employment contract is a contract between an employer and an employee for a fixed period of time under different conditions determined by the Labour Code.

The fixed-term employment contract is said to be part-time when the worker works less than full time, i.e. :
- Legal working week: 35 hours.
- Legal working time per month: 151.67 hours.
- Legal working time per year: 1,607 hours.

Thus, any employment contract imposing a working time on those stated will be qualified as a part-time employment contract

The challenges of the fixed-term employment contract

A fixed-term contract must not be intended to fill a job related to the normal and permanent activity of the company on a permanent basis. A fixed-term contract can only be concluded for the performance of a specific and temporary task. The use of fixed-term contract is also provided, under certain conditions, in certain sectors of activity.

The fixed-term contract can thus be concluded in case of :

- to replace an employee's absence

- temporary increases in activity

- of seasonal jobs

- of use because of the sector of activity (so-called 'CDD d'usage')

- specific contracts (so-called special fixed-term contracts)

Composition of the model

The model of Part-time fixed-term employment contract must contain certain mandatory information :
- Employee qualification ;
- Remuneration arrangements ;
- Expected working time per week or month ;
- Distribution of working hours ;
- Limit on overtime ;
- How the employee is informed in writing of the working hours for each day worked ;
- Assumptions under which the distribution of working time can be changed.

This model has been automated by Legal Pilot to save you valuable time in drafting your fixed-term contract.

Automation with Legal Pilot, a contract management software

The model presented to you has been automated on the Legal Pilot platform. This allows you to change the contract structure, add or remove certain clauses or questions, etc.

To download this template, log in to your personal space and click on the "Login" button.

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