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Are you a lawyer who wants to draw up a fee agreement for your client? Discover our contract software and the fee agreement model automated by Legal Pilot!

What is a fee agreement?

The fee agreement  is one of the most common contracts in the life of a lawyer. The fee agreement sets out the remuneration conditions in which the case will be handled by the lawyer, in agreement with the client.

The challenges of the fee agreement

Since 8 August 2015, except in cases of urgency or force majeure or where the lawyer acts under full legal aid or aid in non-jurisdictional proceedings, the lawyer shall conclude a written agreement with his client fee agreementThis document specifies, in particular, the amount or the method of determining the fees (time-based, flat-rate, mixed fees) as well as the various costs and expenses envisaged.

Composition of the model

This model is that of the Conseil National des Barreaux and has been automated by Legal Pilot to save you valuable time in drafting your fee agreement.

Automation with Legal Pilot

This model has been automated on the Legal Pilot platform. You can thus modify the framework of the contract, add or remove certain clauses or questions, etc.

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