Legal software: automate your contracting process.

Regulartory inflation, increase in the volume and pace of work, profitability imperatives, lack of bandwidth for operational staff...

The digitization of the legal function is a major challenge for every company. Find out how legal softwares and document automation can help you!

Legal Pilot est une solution conforme au RGPD

Legal Pilot is a privacy by designsoftware, assuring you to meet your GDPR obligations. We do not carry out any data processing or transfer outside the EU.

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All your data is processed and hosted in France. Our technology is 100% proprietary which guarantees you effective protection against the cloud act.

legal pilot automatisation document fait partie de l'incubateur du barreau des avocats de lyon

Solutions created and developed by legal professionals, experts in legal drafting, just like you.

A legal software designed and developed by lawyers experts in legal drafting, just like you.


Delegate more efficiently

Transform Word-based documents into dynamics models, to generate documents in only minutes with a simple questionnaire. 

You can then delegate safely the editing to your operational staff through sharing links or customer portal.

A legal software to scale your compliance

How to produce more and faster while improving compliance? By keeping the legal team in charge, and providing them the right tools.

Create diagnostics, audits, reports or documents to effectively deploy your know-how, where it is needed the most.

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Connect with the legal team

Bring legal into the data era by using a 100% SaaS tool. Lawyers and operational staff access relevant resources through an online portal, from any terminal (Mac/PC/Deskop/Mobile).

Synchronize incoming and outgoing data with other cloud tools using our RESTful API.

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